Your Deep-Shit Hoster for special shit


DeepPaste is a very simple Tool to share your text.
DeepPaste will never delete or censor a paste, but CP is not welcome here.
We havent any filters enabled.
Public pastes are listed in a public database.
Private pastes are not in this database and are only reachable with the correct URL/MD5.
Its impossible to delete a public text(except self-destroying once).
A Self-Destroying text will be deleted while its displayed the first time
There exist no copies for this texts after refreshing etc. It will be completely deleted.

About DeepPaste:
You cant reach the hoster/publisher/developer of DeepPaste directly for security reasons.
DeepPaste is only developed for the DeepWeb/DarkNet. DeepPaste isnt reachable from the Clearnet.
DeepPaste is completely anonymous.
DeepPaste doesnt require any kind of Scripts.
The Front-End is just based on HTML5 and CSS3.

For any who likes what we are doing, you can support us by a little donation to cover our server costs of around 35$ per month.
Our bitcoin-donation adress is just a test if it's possible to cover our costs or to buy some tea, yes tea is the real shit...
We don't need donations to keep alive or something else, it's just a nice gesture to a few students.
For new tea: 14US287mkpaMYFszkSw2dcEZtdMi3UQak6

Accepted URLs:
depastedihrn3jtw.onion (New)
4m6omb3gmrmnwzxi.onion (Old)